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dbExpress Database Access Components in Delphi – Delphi 101

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dbExpress Database Access Components in Delphi – Delphi 101

This tutorial video describes how to use the dbExpress database access components in Delphi and RAD Studio along with a demonstration of rapidly building a database application with the Firebird database.


About the Presenter

Mike Rozlog
Mike Rozlog
Product Manager of Delphi Solutions at Embarcadero Technologies

Mike Rozlog is the Product Manager of Delphi Solutions for Embarcadero Technologies. In this role, he is focused on ensuring the family of Delphi developer products being created by Embarcadero meets the expectations of developers around the world. Much of his time is dedicated to discussing and explaining the technical and business aspects of Embarcadero’s products and services to analysts and other audiences worldwide. Mike was formerly with CodeGear, a developer tools group that was acquired by Embarcadero in 2008. Previously, he spent more than eight years working for Borland in a number of positions, including a primary role as Chief Technical Architect. A reputed author, Mike has been published numerous times. His latest collaboration is Mastering JBuilder from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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